What security doors to choose?

What security doors to choose?

Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – are the best option for protecting your home or business from a potential burglary. Security doors can work with a key, keypad or even a magnetic card but of course the key is the most popular option. Read below and choose the one of the best security doors that works for you.

What security doors to choose?

The hardwood doors are solid inside and are so heavy they are hard to break. Hardwood doors provide safety, high aesthetics, and are quite economical compared to other types of doors.

For an apartment, wooden pantograph doors are the most commercial category of armored doors. These are doors with 6mm film thickness. Other characteristics:

  • Modern aesthetics
  • Uniformity and durability
  • It is hard to wear
  • Wide range of colours
  • Financial replacement

Why choose laminate security doors?

Laminate doors have been gaining more and more fans in recent years with the percentage of wood in construction approaching 100%. Characterized by:

  • Maximum quality
  • Resistance to time
  • Low price
  • Variety of colours

Why choose steel security doors?

The steel doors – portes metallikes – are very durable and combine the inviolability of the home with the quality and the glamorous appearance. The wrought iron can be made available in a wide range of designs with wood panelling.

Shielded aluminium doors combine quality with functionality

Aluminium doors withstand all weather conditions, have a wide range of choices, with double shielding.

Aluminium security doors do not require maintenance and are easy to install and replace. We can find them in wood or Ral shades giving luxury home.

Why choose wrought iron door?

The wrought iron security door is well known for its durability. Most prefer it for their cottages because of its traditional style.

Why choose split doors?

Shielded doors are usually placed in car and home garages, underground garages, warehouses, shops, etc.

Their main features are:

  • Safe mechanical operation
  • Option to choose manual or electric drive
  • Wide range of colours
  • Maximum security
  • They don’t take up space

Of course, whatever security door you choose should be combined with a similar quality lock – κλειδαριές ασφαλείας – for added security.

Security doors now come in almost every home as they are considered an important security measure. Placing such a door almost automatically creates a sense of security and makes people sleep more peacefully. But is this feeling justified? Does a security door really protect us and if so, how much? Is it the only security measure we will need?

So, we will try to see how much security does a door offers us and whether it is really worth the money we spend.

Features of a security door

What makes a security door stand out from the common is the fact that it is much thicker and compact. But the thickness alone is not enough to provide effective safety.

A security door also has many anchorage points on the frame and wall, which means that it locks “perimetrically” rather than on a single point near the lock. Simply put, a locked security door is essentially part of the wall.

Categories of security doors

There are two major categories. The first is the so-called security doors, which consist of an iron or steel frame, on which a lining is placed, which usually makes the door look like wood for purely aesthetic reasons.

The second category is the wooden doors, which are made of hard and extremely durable solid wood and offer a more ‘spectacular’ aesthetic effect. The main difference between the two categories is the price.

Wood is generally considered to be a ‘luxury item’ and often has elaborate designs and carvings that raise their price substantially more than steel.

Protection against common thieves

According to police statistics, 90% of thefts are done by so-called “amateur burglars”. These are inexperienced criminals who exploit the mistakes of homeowners and their security gaps (open windows or unlocked doors for example) to easily find cash and valuables.

In other words, these are people who lack the experience, ability, and tools they need to easily, quickly, and quietly open a security door.

So the presence of a good shielded door is often enough to prevent any attempt at burglary by “amateurs”. It is understood that if the security door is accompanied by other security measures, the deterrent will multiply.

Protection from professional thieves

Unlike amateurs, professional thieves know very well what they do. They have the experience and the tools to get into a place, no matter how well kept. They usually act through a plan, keep track of their purpose for a long time, and act when they know they won’t be in the space.

Many times these thieves will not even bother breaking a door as they have the means to quickly dig it out of the wall or even dig a hole in the wall itself if needed.

The good news is that these thieves are not “thugs”. They are not interested in any little gemstone or goldsmith’s home in a “bubble”. They are interested in big goals that will give them big “ropes” that will ensure them “survival” for some time.


We need to make it clear that in order to be able to offer as many security doors as possible, it has to make the right choice for itself and its lock.

In no case should you buy one without a good lock, as even the most inexperienced burglar may be able to break a ‘slab’ lock. A good security door with a good lock will certainly protect you effectively against 90% of thieves.

As for the remaining 10%, it probably won’t have any reason to target you. If it does, you probably can hire security guards! Simply put, a security door is the best solution for the security of an average family.

How to Clean Your Wooden Doors!

Since wood is a living organism, as experts say, it requires extra care and care. This is why you should not scrub your wooden surfaces with the same cleaners you use to clean the rest.

So keep your wooden doors in the best possible condition so be careful how you clean them. We have the perfect recipe for you to keep your doors glowing.

The materials you will need are:

  • wet green soap
  • a soft cotton cloth or a sponge

Wooden doors

You will need only green soap and a cotton cloth. The green soap will cleanse your surface and protect it.

Just pour green soap into a pan and scrub your wooden doors with the cloth. Once you have finished the soap, fill all the doors with plain water. Wipe with a dry cloth very well to remove moisture and your doors are clean again.

Daily cleaning of our security door and especially the door handle that everybody touches is essential. Coronavirus is a threat that we have to face and protect our family from.

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