When to visit Santorini?

Santorini includes the islands of Nea Kameni, Thirasia, Palea Kameni, Aspro and the larger Santorini (Fira, Thira). Take a tour with Santorini private tour. Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918. The main colors of Santorini are blue (symbol of the sky of the abode of the gods), white (symbol of faith, justice, beauty, justice) and red ocher (symbol of the earth, a volcano and their natural power). There are three hundred and fifty-two churches on the island, each of which has its own bell tower, its patrons.


The season in Santorini starts on April 1st or Easter. The period from December to March is considered out of season, with lower temperatures, frequent rains and winds. Although the temperature rarely drops to relatively cold levels – 0 degrees and below. Most hotels are closed during the winter. The most favorable period for holidays in Santorini is April-June and September-October.

Where you should go in Santorini

Nea Kameni was formed as a result of an underwater explosion. Its original name is Mikri Kameni due to its small size. Later, as a result of the continuous activity of the volcano, the island grew and was named Nea Kameni. It is uninhabited and covers an area of ​​more than three square kilometers. Its dormant volcano can wake up at any time and start emitting lava. The mouth of the volcano is located at a depth of one thousand meters. The ground around it is very warm. This part is distinguished by the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide fumes. The landscape is completely lifeless.

Palea Kameni was formed much later than Nea Kameni. The island is famous for its warm healing keys … Thirasia with a population of about two hundred and fifty people is located in an area of ​​more than 9 square kilometers. Aspro covers an area of ​​about one hundred square kilometers and is an uninhabited area.

Thira covers an area of ​​76 square kilometers, with a population of eight thousand. The island owes its origin to a volcanic eruption in the middle of the 17th century BC. One part of the island is under water, while the other part has formed a cliff nine hundred meters with a cliff. Also at the site of the explosion was formed a convenient bay, where merchant ships, boats, boats anchor. You can get here on foot, counting seven hundred steps, on a cable car, riding on the back of a stubborn donkey.

Sights of this area: the city and the architectural style, Church of the Diocese of Paggaia, Church of Agios Mina, Museum of Archeology, Museum of Prehistoric Thira, beaches.

In the city of Fira, the houses represent different periods of time and their architecture: Cycladic vaulted temples, business centers, theaters, Ptolemy’s residence, sanctuaries, tombs of different eras, ruins of early Christian buildings.

Temple of the Bishops of Paggaia famous for various murals, the image of the Mother of God. Church of Agios Mina, the symbol of the island, is located on the edge of the cliff.

Archaeological Museum, built in 1960, is located in the heart of Santorini. The museum exhibition includes exhibits from different eras (prehistoric era, Mycenaean period, Cycladic period), collections of ceramics and sculptures.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera presents objects from excavations of the ancient settlement of Akrotiri, various murals from the life of animals and people.

The most beautiful place will amaze you with the traditional architectural buildings of Homeric times. In Oia there are many small shops where there are jewelry and souvenirs. Here you can see a wonderful sunset, meditate, feel the energy, the power of an active volcano.

Connoisseurs of grapes will be pleasantly surprised by the Wine Museum, where red, white, dessert wines have been made for over four hundred years: Vinsanto with various aromas (citrus, figs and coffee), Nikteri, strong Tsikoudia wine. The winery museum will tell about all the stages of the production of this divine drink.

On the beaches of the island, you can do almost all the extreme types of fun. Many taverns, restaurants, night bars, discos, cafes and spas are open to tourists. For children, there are many water parks with attractions and water slides.


The beaches of the resorts Kamari, Monolithos, Perissa, Akrotiri are amazing. Kamari – a well-known resort located near Fira, there are sandy beaches. Everything here is provided for water sports, you can buy any accessories and awnings.This resort has its own restaurants and nightclubs, located in eucalyptus groves. Akrotiri is located on the south side of Santorini. The sand on the beach is red. There are taverns right on the rock where you can stop and enjoy a snack. A sea voyage on a small boat to the ancient volcano will leave a lasting impression.

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